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Re: Shot Size Question

Postby SpinnerMan » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:42 pm


Assuming you are shooting big resident geese. That's what I use whenever I expect geese. It does put some big holes in the smaller ducks, but for mallards its fine.
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Re: Shot Size Question

Postby aunt betty » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:18 pm

Correct answers $4
Guesses are still free

I've hunted with guys who shot 2's at everything and one or two that used BB for all-purpose.
Also known people who use both and switch shells. Used to be one.
If you wait until you can see their eye balls before you shoot #2's will be fine.
If you're tree topping you better use BB.
Ok that's the $1 answer

I've been shooting #2 at everything and it works for me but I'm not guiding for Canada geese anymore.

Correct answers are $4.
The correct answer is to shoot some paper and see what works in your gun the best and then decide what to use in the blind.

Guesses are free. I guess it don't matter.

Welcome to the forum.
Just having a lil fun with ya.

lot of us timers use 2.75 inch shells on everything despite having guns that will shoot 3's and 3.5"s.
You need to shoot a LOT so maybe you should use the cheap winchester steel.
They're around $10 a box. Affordable. You can miss just as good with anything. :mrgreen:

What kind of gun you using? Got any calls yet? Decoys? Boat? Dog?
I've heard that it's incredibly stupid to fuck around with a crazy man's head.
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