How to remove smell on wader???

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How to remove smell on wader???

Postby alexramsey » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:15 am

I have a set of Allen Cattail Waders, ones with 1200g boots... 4th or 5th year of use. For some reason it started to smell HORRIBLE.

Not talking about the sweat inside smell that goes away when they dry.. they smell like a dirty locker room and the smells sticks to your legs. The smell primarily exists inside the boot/below the knees.

What do you guy recommend to get rid of this? Drying the now and going to start with using shoe deodorant.

Any tips?
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Re: How to remove smell on wader???

Postby aunt betty » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:54 am

When my waders got stanky it was mildew. What I did to attempt to get rid of it was multiple things and I forget what worked. Solution of bleach 7 parts water to one part bleach is what painters use and I'm pretty sure I did that in a spray bottle. Turned them inside out and used a towel and the sprayer. I also used some lysol. Used some baking soda too.
It was a long time ago. Those waders got burnt years ago.

After dealing with that I decided I never wanted to deal with it again. Built a wader dryer out of plywood and PVC pipes that fit over a floor vent so that our furnace dried my waders even when they didn't need it. Starting out with nice warm waders beats the heck out of damp n cold from out of the bed of the pickup.
Plus I got two pairs of waders so I could always start out with nice dry ones. Now I got one of the fan-forced boot, glove, and wader driers. No stinky mildewy waders to deal with anymore.
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