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DR 115

Postby aunt betty » Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:26 am

Been digging around thru the duck calls and found a pair of DR-115's.
One is Olt (Pekin, IL) and the other is an Illinois River Valley call. Same thing except the IRV is from when Olt stopped production.
Long story.

Discovered that I'd taken the second reed out of the IRV call and it sounds ten times more ducky than the two-reed version which is sort of whiny. (high pitch)
The single reed sounds great but you can't push it. Might have a place for when you want to sound good n ducky but not extreme loud. Now if I could get the barrel off the old Olt I think I'd take a reed out and see if I can make a second single-reed. Really sounds good.

Got it. The top reed is really stiff and has a dent. Take it out and whallah.

Bore them out and step them and I bet they'd turn into 'custom throwbacks".
Something about how them old wooden calls vibrate in your hand feels good.

Either that or "tossems". :mrgreen:
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