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Vintage magazines

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2022 8:02 am
by don novicki
Guys Im cleaning out my old magazines and never realized how many I have. I need to get rid of some of this stuff so here goes:

I am looking to recoup shipping costs only:

Approx 35 Wildfowl magazines primarily from the early 2000's to maybe the mid 2000's. NMost of them are complete but some have the covers missing, although in the stack there are loose covers which probably match up with the magazines. None of them are water damaged or moldy. If you want these I will throw in the Delta waterfowl magazines I have and the handful of Retriever Journals I also have

I also have approx 12 American Waterfowler magazines in great shape: all covers intact and no water staining or mold.

Lastly I have maybe 10 copies of Hunting and Fishing Collectibles magazine in great shape also.

I thought about selling on ebay but it's too much of a hassle for a 2 or 3 dollar sale each.

I've also got old Rogers Catalogs, Cabelas, Red Head, and other stuff as well, if anyone is interested in that type of thing

P.M. me here if interested I live in Girard Pa if anyone is close enough for a hand off