Throbbin Rods 2017 in retrospect

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Throbbin Rods 2017 in retrospect

Postby Throbbin Rods » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:55 am

I had planned this year to be lots of fishing in the spring, lots of duck hunting and deer hunting in the fall/winter
Started the year with a new hobby, boiling maple syrup. Made just shy of 3 gallons of syrup with 6 taps most of the season. Looking forward to making more this year.
I was in Texas in May watching my youngest "Call sign Tiny Dancer" graduate from college with her Master's in Education. Just awesome. Spent a week there, went fishing with her and the new boy friend a couple times.
While I was there we got word that my oldest was in the hospital in Tennessee. Changed my flights and headed for Tennessee for a month of housework, cooking, puppy training and kid watching. Got home 1 week before we left to spend a week in California with Karen's sister. Got back from Cali and had 2 weeks before leaving for the family vacation in Maine. It's now mid august and I have yet to wet a line in NH. Got back from Maine, Grady has bad gas and won't run. I said the heck with it and Karen and I spent the next few weekends fishing out of the duck boat. Early goose rolled around and hunting with young gun Andy we scratched down several geese. Duck season was more of the same few ducks, few geese. Hunted with Andy and with Ben. I was able to paddle for 4 hours plus with Andy in front at the Secret Float. Deer season rolled around, hunted hard dark to dark most every day. The last week of deer season I flew to Tennessee to meet my beautiful new granddaughter Callie Rose.
Karen and I went on several adventures here there and everywhere. We took the dogs swimming multiple times at the Connecticut River and Mascoma Lake, throwing dummies and just letting them have fun.
My number one favorite thing this year is my health! I am now medically cleared to return to work, I just need to find someone who will hire my 63 year old carcass.
.Looking ahead to 2018, I am planning more boating, fishing, hunting and fun. I plan to work at least half time and just enjoy the fact that I can do the things I thought were lost to me forever.
I wish each of you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018, and may our paths cross this year in whatever pursuit we are indulging in.
Throbbin Rods signing off for 2017
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Re: Throbbin Rods 2017 in retrospect

Postby Darren » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:41 pm

Sounds like quite the year! Best of luck to you in all you've got in mind for 2018
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Re: Throbbin Rods 2017 in retrospect

Postby Rick » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:25 pm

Hear, hear!
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