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Argentina Duck Trip- Recommendations PLEASE!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2022 11:43 am
by gh00775
Hello Everyone!

I just finished up my North American waterfowl slam this year! I am looking at booking my groups first Argentina trip to target DUCKS. I am seeking recommendations on the best place to go based on my groups wants. We are in that stage of waterfowl hunting where species collecting and volume shooting is the most important to us(age group: early 30s). We want to try and get as many species as possible. From my research I know there are only certain areas where the Chiloe Wigeon like to be. However, we do not want to expense volume duck shooting just for one duck. All are equally important: volume duck shooting and species collecting. What is the best time to go?...I have heard the best time is late May/early June. We prefer to hunt the ducks both morning and afternoon, but we are open to hunting the perdiz or dove in the afternoon. Guys, we greatly appreciate any advice/do's and don'ts/suggestions/past experiences. A couple of the guides/trips we are currently looking at include, but not limited to: ( hunt - Rio Salado, UWC's hunt with Argentina Heritage Outdoors - San Martin Lodge or La Quebrada Lodge). WE ARE OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTIONS. I have heard that some of the lodges in the north are just lots of Rosy billed Pochards and black-bellied tree ducks, is this true? We are new to the Argentina duck hunting but would like to get it right on our first try. Thank you everyone!!!

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Re: Argentina Duck Trip- Recommendations PLEASE!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2022 12:40 pm
by Duck Engr
Wow, congratulations on the slam! I personally don’t have any experience hunting down there. Hopefully some others on here will chime in.