DIY "Snow Seal"

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DIY "Snow Seal"

Postby aunt betty » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:29 am

When this product first was available to me was a long time ago. Going to say around 1980 or so.
The very first WalMart here in this area was 40 miles away in Clinton, Illinois and they were the only ones that sold Snow Seal. ... 005e829687

Now that I got bees I figured I'd use some bees wax and try my hand at making my own.
It's easy as heck. Melt about 5 parts bees wax to one part Neatsfoot oil.
Used a tin can from the garbage to keep the wife from getting upset.
Pour it into a glass jar and you're good to go.
This stuff works great but you have to keep putting more on all winter.
I've heard that it's incredibly stupid to fuck around with a crazy man's head.
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