To irrigate or not to irrigate...

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To irrigate or not to irrigate...

Postby aunt betty » Tue May 15, 2018 9:46 am

That is the question.
The dang weather idiot keeps forecasting seasonal weather like we're stupid or something.
Spring. Chance of rain or thunderstorms with periods of sunshine blown up your ass.

They can't even get "today" right and want us to believe that the long-range forecast is so hot that you have to wear thermo nuclear protection.

Get one week right in springtime...just one.

Should I buy 150 feet of garden hose to water my strawberries that I just planted in or wait until it rains in two hours?
50% chance. lol
Used gallon jugs to water when planting but that shit gets old real fast.
I've heard that it's incredibly stupid to fuck around with a crazy man's head.
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Re: To irrigate or not to irrigate...

Postby SpinnerMan » Tue May 15, 2018 12:41 pm

aunt betty wrote:50% chance.

So they can't be wrong. 50/50 - if it rains, they are right because they said their was a 50% chance it would rain. If it doesn't, they were right because they said there was a 50% chance it would not rain.

It really is just a random process.

Look at the rest of the forecast that will help try to make some more sense.

Thunderstorms: 40%
Precipitation: 0.3 in
Rain: 0.3 in
Snow: 0 in
Ice: 0 in
Hours of Precipitation: 2 hrs
Hours of Rain: 2 hrs

40% chance of rain with 0.3 in expected is very different than 40% chance of rain with 1.0 in expected. Same with the hours of precipitation.

I'm in Florida right now. Every day this week pretty much has a 60% chance of thunderstorm. Some days the rainfall is .1 inches and some days it is 1.0 inches. Today is one of those low totals and we will probably get hit with a brief shower at some point. 60/40 on that. Tomorrow we will probably get hit with pretty heavy storms. Again 60/40 on that.
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