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1. Always practice the golden rule & treat other users, administrators, & moderators with respect. The forum has been put up in good faith and should be treated as such.
2. Users with usernames that are inflammatory, vulgar, or rude will have their accounts deleted.
3. If you create a topic it is your responsibility to provide the content to keep your thread on-topic. You will keep topics within the appropriate sub-forum. Taking a topic off-topic to purposefully offend/troll the original poster will not be tolerated.
4. Trolling for the sake of Trolling will not be tolerated.
5. The individual user is responsible for his/her own post and you agree to not hold WaterfowlForum.Net liable for any messages you post.
6. Each individual is allowed one user account. Additional accounts will be deleted and all accounts related to the user will be deleted.
9. No commercial advertising from non-partners will be allowed anywhere on the forums. No commercial links are allowed in members signatures or profiles.
10. The "Green Horn" forum is meant for new hunters to ask questions and get answers. If you don't have anything productive to add to the topic don't respond.
11. The Hawaii Forum is for 18+ only. Any member caught lying about his age to gain access to the Hawaii forum will be permanently banned from WaterfowlForum.Net

1. WaterfowlForum.Net retains the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
2. Any comments or post by WaterfowlForum.Net’s moderators do not necessarily reflect the opinions of WaterfowlForum.Net or its owner.
3. All content provided by WaterfowlForm.Net is copyright ©2012-2014 WaterfowlForum.Net and may not be redistributed without express permission of the site owner.
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